IFDH 2023 Global Oral Health Summit

4.11.2023Virtual Conference

Motivation, Inspiration & Guiding Actions

for Dental Hygienists

In Support of the

WHO Global Strategy on Oral Health
Sustainability Initiatives

Saturday November 4th, 2023
VIRTUAL: 10 am ET; 4pm CET

Global Oral Health SummitThe virtual 2023 IFDH Global Oral Health Summit, again, brings together influential worldwide leaders and stakeholders for 3 hours, to discuss how Dental Hygienists can contribute to reduce the burden of oral health diseases and its economic global impact.

In our third Summit in 3 years, we continue to provide Dental Hygienists with valuable information and tools to understand and implement the WHO Global Strategies on Oral Health, and the Sustainability Initiatives.

Presentations & Speakers

Benoit VarenneWHO Global Oral Health Action Plan Update

Hear an update on the further developments of the World Health Organization Action Plan addressing the resolution on improving global oral health.

Benoit Varenne, DDS, MPH, PhD
Dental Officer – Oral Health Programme
World Health Organization (WHO)

Wanda Fedora
The Effect of Prevention on Sustainability 

As our impact on our planet continues to cause concern, all sectors of our society must take a role in reducing their energy use, water consumption and waste production. Prevention of oral disease can address these environmental issues in the provision of oral health care. A sustainable future depends on prevention of oral disease to minimize that impact.

Wanda Fedora
IFDH President

Corrie Jongbloed-ZoetTaking the Lead on Policy

Globally, there are estimated to be more than 3.5 billion cases of oral diseases and other oral conditions, most of which are preventable. Learn how Dental Hygienists can promote oral health policy change – by taking the lead on prevention, individually and collectively – to implement the WHO’s Global Strategy on Oral Health.

Corrie Jongbloed-Zoet, RDH
Consultant, Oral Health Strategies
Immediate Past President, IFDH

Sustainability Programs: Leaving an Oral Health Legacy

Learn how Dental Hygienists from around the world have developed and implemented their Sustainability Programs by teaching the best in continuing oral health care to mothers, teachers, nurses, caregivers and other key partners of the care team.Global Outreach:


Maasai Mama Baby Project – Capacity Building for a Future of Healthy Smiles

Mandy Magill Mandy McGill, RDHP Director of Educational Outreach World Health Dental Organization


No Cavities Through Sustainable School Oral Health Care: Experiences from Guatemala, Rwanda and Palestine

Louise Munch Thomsen Senior Manager of International Projects, Dental Health Without Borders.

Seniors:The Netherlands:

Oral Hygiene Care for the Frail, Elderly and Dependent Adults

Wil Pelkmans, Dental Therapist

Wil Pelkmans Dental Therapist

Public Health:Norway:

Cooperation Between the Dental Health Service and the School Health Service and Health Center for Young People

Cecilie Yttervik Robertsen, Dental Hygienist and Public Health Coordinator

Cecilie Yttervik Robertsen Dental Hygienist and Public Health Coordinator


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